In 2017 Palm & Partners acquired Human Search in Sweden and has now bought 49% of the shares of Human Search in Russia from the founder Eva Jakobsson Weinefalk. Managing Partner Henric Nilsson who keeps 51% of the shares states that “we are happy to stay a 100% Swedish owned company as it confirms our credibility in a risky market such as the CIS”. Palm & Partners merged Human Search with its other company A Search during 2018. The main shareholder and CEO of Palm & Partners Johnny Gunnarsson says “I am satisfied with the merger of A Search and Human Search in Sweden and looking forward to having Human Search Russia as a part of the Palm & Partners group”. He continues by adding “we know that Human Search’s excellent consultants in Russia can support our clients effectively not only in Russia and the CIS but also in the Baltic States, Poland, and other Eastern European countries.”


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W Human Search jesteśmy specjalistami w dziedzinie headhuntingu i poszukiwaniu bezpośrednim. Szybko, bo zaledwie w ciągu 20 roboczych przedstawimy kandydatów z odpowiednim doświadczeniem i wiedzą fachową, zgodnie ze stawianymi przez Państwa wymaganiami.

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